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Importance of Business Ethics to the Pharmacy Community

ACPE Universal Activity Numbers 0201-9999-19-062-H04-P/T Activity Description Pharmacy is a challenging profession. Add business into the mix and you have a combination that creates many ethical dilemmas. This program will introduce the ethical principles of pharmacy and business and review a sound decision-making process. The discussed scenarios will assist an owner, supervisor, or manager to

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Evolution of Healthcare Ethics

ACPE Universal Activity Numbers 0201-9999-19-061-H04 P/T Activity Description Healthcare is quickly changing, and healthcare professionals need to be ready to evolve. Decision making strategies are important tools to have to make ethical decisions on existing issues and future scenarios. Practicing these decision-making strategies in a non-rushed environment will assist the practitioner in making decisions under

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Priority of Pharmacy Ethics in Healthcare

ACPE Universal Activity Numbers 0201-9999-19-060-H04 P/T Activity Description Ethics in pharmacy is a priority for those that work in pharmacy practice. Pharmacy personnel must have a basic understanding of the ethical principles recognized by pharmacy leadership. By engaging in conversations about ethics and being familiar with historical examples in a pharmacy where ethics were breached,

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