The mission of Pharmacy Ethics, Education and Resources (PEER) is to educate health care professionals on ethics to improve patient safety.

Education Sponsors:
Your Community Pharmacy Neil and Dixie Leikach, YOUR Community Pharmacy

Advocate Sponsors:
Massachusetts Pharmacist Association, Rhode Island Pharmacists Association, Connecticut Pharmacists Association

Ethics Supporters:

Emanuel Perlman • Carrie Molesa • Christine Perry • Scot Maitland • Brian Hose • Matthew Shimoda • Alpha Zeta Omega Pharmacy Fraternity/Kappa Chapter • Nicole Escher • Maryland Pharmacists Association • American College of Apothecaries

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Awareness of ethics in all aspects of Pharmacy.

PEER's Focus

The initial focus of PEER is to develop a series of continuing education programs focusing on the role of ethics in all areas of pharmacy and the impact on patient safety. The continuing education programs will be marketed to Pharmacists, Pharmacy technicians, other employees of pharmacies, health insurance administrators, chain community pharmacy management, other health care providers. An ethics certificate program is in development for those who would like to establish themselves as a leader in the area of pharmacy ethics.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Help to support PEER and become a sponsor!

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorships at every level are needed in order to support our programs, speakers and educational opportunities. If you would like to support the efforts of PEER, click here to learn more and contact us about becoming a sponsor.

Continuing Education

Articles and speakers on a variety of industry topics

Continuing Education

Our Continuing Education series is designed to be presented to state and national associations. Articles on continuing education topics are be prepared by staff, board members and peers, to be shared with state and national pharmacy associations as well as newspapers, magazines, trade publications, and internet sources to promote the mission of the association and generate interest in securing opportunities to present the continuing education series programs. An ethics certificate home study course is in development and will be available soon!

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