1 Hour of ACPE Credit

Given the suddenness and general unknown of the COVID-19 pandemic, pharmacists were thrown into this public health crisis with little preparation and continue to be on the front lines without much acknowledgement. Despite previously designed emergency and disaster policies, this new virus response did not fit any of the molds of well-laid plans. This activity will explore the ethics of responding appropriately to a crisis that seems to change daily. From emergency preparedness, communication, purchasing tactics, and justice of distribution of supplies, the COVID-19 pandemic teaches the health care community how unprepared we were for a situation unlike anything we have seen in our lifetime. Pharmacists and pharmacy leadership will never be the same after this pandemic and the lessons learned will be valuable for our new normal.

Upon completion of this activity, a pharmacist, pharmacy technician, or student pharmacist will be able to:

  1. Identify the steps taken during the COVID-19 pandemic that were prudent in protecting pharmacy personnel.
  2. List ethical dilemmas may that occur during a time of emergency.
  3. Write a plan for the pharmacy that provides reasonable steps to allow the pharmacy to maintain operations in a variety of emergency scenarios and avoid violations of ethical principles that guide the pharmacy profession.


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