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About the Author

Dixie Leikach, RPh, MBA, FACA, is the CEO and President of Pharmacy Ethics Education and Resources (PEER), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting ethics in pharmacy. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy at the University of Maryland, Baltimore School of Pharmacy and her Masters of Business Administration at the University of Phoenix. She is also the Vice-President of YOUR Community Pharmacy, a group of independently owned pharmacies in Baltimore.

She is a Past President of the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy Alumni Association, the Maryland Pharmacists Association, and Lambda Kappa Sigma International Pharmacy Fraternity. Dixie has been honored with the MPhA and LKS Distinguished Young Pharmacist of the Year, the MPhA Excellence in Innovation Award, the LKS Distinguished Service Citation, and the LKS Merck Vanguard Leadership awards.

About the Advisory Board

The materials of PEER are reviewed by a diverse group of professionals with a wide range of pharmacy practice. The members of the advisory board are:

  • Lynette R. Bradley-Baker, R.Ph., Ph.D.
  • Steve C. Firman, R.Ph., M.B.A., FAPhA
  • Bob Goodwillie, PharmD, MBA
  • Mary Grear, R.Ph., BSPharm
  • Kerri Kennedy, CPhT
  • Patricia C. Kienle, R.Ph., M.P.A., FASHP
  • Raymond Love, PharmD, BCPP, FASHP
  • Carrie S. Molesa, PharmD, BCPS
  • Christine M. Perry, R.Ph.
  • Melvin N. Rubin, BSPharm
  • Matthew Shimoda, PharmD

PEER is pleased to announce the Pharmacy Ethics Continuing Education Series, comprised of home study continuing education segments. Click one of the links below to complete any of the listed continuing education programs. Pricing is $25 per hour of continuing education.

Compliance To Care

ACPE Universal Activity Numbers 0201-9999-19-090-H04-P/T Activity Description: Everyone on the pharmacy team must work together to maintain compliance. However, compliance to what? Regulations, employer policies and procedures, insurance mandates, and more. How about compliance to our ethical principles? This [...]

  • PEER Speaker

Ethics of Stress in the Pharmacy Workforce

ACPE Universal Activity Numbers 0201-9999-19-091-H04 P/T Activity Description: Stress at work can affect your health and the health of your patients. Ethical considerations can put your license at risk. But what are you supposed to do about it? This [...]

  • PEER Speaker

Importance of Business Ethics to the Pharmacy Community

ACPE Universal Activity Numbers 0201-9999-19-062-H04-P/T Activity Description Pharmacy is a challenging profession. Add business into the mix and you have a combination that creates many ethical dilemmas. This program will introduce the ethical principles of pharmacy and business and [...]

  • PEER Speaker

Evolution of Healthcare Ethics

ACPE Universal Activity Numbers 0201-9999-19-061-H04 P/T Activity Description Healthcare is quickly changing, and healthcare professionals need to be ready to evolve. Decision making strategies are important tools to have to make ethical decisions on existing issues and future scenarios. [...]

  • PEER Speaker

Priority of Pharmacy Ethics in Healthcare

ACPE Universal Activity Numbers 0201-9999-19-060-H04 P/T Activity Description Ethics in pharmacy is priority for those that work in any area of pharmacy practice. Pharmacy personnel should have a basic understanding of the ethical principles that are recognized by pharmacy [...]

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